Satin Charleston Top & Leather Leggings

BuBus birthday was so fun!
Everything was fine but the weather was so awful!
Snow, snow, snow! Too much! Much more than this winter!
And it’s almost spring!
As the title tell you, don’t ever walkt through snow!
So I wore my my lame leggins and my fringe top!
The accessories are purple because i thought it would be a nice
contrast to the creme colour and the black lame leggins 🙂

What I wore this night:
Creme coloured fringe top (VERO MODA)
Black lame leggins (TALLY WEIJL)
Black studded bracelets (H&M)
Big purple clutch (H&M)
Gold/Black heels (H&M)

By the way i went shopping today!
And it was amazing! I think it has been some month ago!
Bought a lot of things and I’m going to post them tomorrow 🙂
Enjoy the last pictures and read you tomorrow!
Hope you all spend a wonderful V-day!
(Alone like me or with your boy, doesn’t matter!)

Love, Alice.


  • Avatar
    12 Jahren ago

    I love your top!

  • Avatar
    12 Jahren ago

    Love your hair!! Fabulous girl~

  • Avatar
    12 Jahren ago

    Total schöne Fotos <33Ihr hattet anscheinend echt Spaß 😉Dein outfit sieht echt total toll aus!!+.+Ich freu mich schon deine Shoppingausbeute zu sehen 😉lG :-*

  • Avatar
    12 Jahren ago

    hey!ich kann deine emailadresse leider nirgends finden!bitte schreib mir an wegen dem gewinnspiel

  • Avatar
    12 Jahren ago

    tolles outfit!

  • Avatar
    12 Jahren ago

    ach Mai Mai du bist so hübsch! x3

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